Daft punk is playing at my house

Passing Notes
Life may have been kicking my hindquarters with nonstop busy busy, but I'm in a great mood today. My bf finally comes home and tomorrow is LCD Soundsystem! Be jealous! Not of the bf part bc you either already have one or could get one. But I've (unintentionally) waited 5 years to see lcds so I am absurdly excited. My bf isn't really a fan but I'm gonna wear a red bra with a white tank top so that should be enough to satisfy him.

PS I'm gonna try to be around more.

PPS for fucks sake WHEN is lj going to make itself more mobile friendly? This mobile site sucks balls.

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Professional Boozer
Ugh I'm in a bad and pissy mood. Real update later.

# I was originally going to wear robes, but I went with my "I <3 Barabas" tshirt instead. about 4 hours ago via Twitterrific
# If you were late, you'd miss the scourging. As well as these super cute crown of thorns favors! about 4 hours ago via Twitterrific
# My Good Friday celebration was awesome. It was Bring Your Own Crucifix with an adorable Christ piñata. about 4 hours ago via Twitterrific
# Dumbest thing I heard repeatedly this past weekend: "Happy Good Friday!" about 4 hours ago via Twitterrific
# http://twitpic.com/1ci6bi - old profile pic. The new one isn't as nice, but at least it's recent. 4:37 PM Apr 1st via TwitPic
# "Life hates me. It's like the world is squatting to take a giant crap on me. And expects me to be turned on by it." 7:53 PM Mar 26th via Twitterrific
# ... Instead of birds & trees they can be about secret shame over incestual glee or the misplaced pride from owning an expensive sports sedan 9:00 PM Mar 25th via Twitterrific
# Is it easier or harder for Germans to write haikus? They can maybe fit 1-2 words on a line? But the words are so hilariously meaningful... 9:00 PM Mar 25th via Twitterrific
# "Excuse me [for burping]. Huh I thought it would taste like beer and garlic." "Was it more like steak?" "More like remorse." 7:24 PM Mar 23rd via Twitterrific
# "What are feeding me? It tastes like fried ass." "My mom made it!" "Well maybe she's trying to punish you, but wth did I ever do to her?" 5:33 PM Mar 23rd via Twitterrific
# ... "It's not our fault that puppies keep running onto the freeway." 5:11 PM Mar 22nd via Twitterrific
# "Maybe we shouldn't make fun of teen stars. Is it mean? Like running over puppies?"... 5:10 PM Mar 22nd via Twitterrific
# A secret harbored hope that one day he would know her truly and yet still long to softly croon Nat King Cole songs in her ear. 6:57 PM Mar 21st via Twitterrific
# A circle of women in flipflops & denim whose cackle over lingerie was as genuine as the flavors of their lip gloss stains on plastic cups 3:36 PM Mar 20th via Twitterrific
# "Omg this tastes like piss." "Reason #1 as to why liquor companies prob avoid using any combos of 'golden' and 'shower' in their labeling." 11:28 PM Mar 19th via Twitterrific
# "I'm what every group of drunk Americans need: someone with no shame or impulse control to really get the mob mentality started." 7:52 PM Mar 19th via Twitterrific


March Music Post! :)

Just because... here's some music I've been listening to a lot this month. Some of it is new, some not so much:

Beach House - Walk In The Park (It's odd and sexy. Like fucking while stoned.)
Vampire Weekend - Cousins (Duh. It's the only cool thing left in the world that's even slightly associated with the word vampire.)
Mos Def - Quiet Dog Bite Hard (Because this doesn't deserve a grammy, but eminem does? lols. I'm so glad I don't follow awards shows.)
Spoon - Trouble Comes Running (Nothing will EVER be as good as Gimme Fiction. But I shouldn't hold that against them.)
Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career (I so much prefer this phil spector 60s thing rather than the perhaps overly precious 60s thing from the previous album.)
Nneka - Heartbeat (soul that can fuck you up she's awesome.)
Cold War Kids - Santa Ana Winds (lol, I can't believe how often I saw them so many years ago when they were in Silverlake like every friggin friday and now they're all a big deal.)
Nikki & Rich - Cat and Mouse (Cannot not smile while listening to this.)

(just click the icon and you can listen to it in the widget or right-click to download)

Hope you enjoy some of it; let me know, it's always fun to hear what you liked/didn't like!

Oh, and as before, feel free to pass this post along; the more people feel free to snag what I posted, the more worthwhile the upload time was!

So most of my good guy friends are hilarious bitches. I mean, I have a few good straight guy friends, but most of them tend to be married. And I've just never had a ton of girlfriends (which is apparently pretty common for my personality type). So I cherish my queers. And this one friend of mine, C, well, he's hysterical. Like, sometimes we deliberately pick fights with people just to verbally abuse them, it's really fucked up but hilarious. The last one was this BITCH in line at the Barnes & Noble at the Grove who was giving the cashier a hard time (like, practically yelling at him for not taking a return, because of course, she should be able to do whatever the fuck she wants) and so we just jumped in and at one point I was all "what would your children think of how you're acting?" just to piss her off, and she was all "I'm not old enough to have children!!!" and C was all, "Sorry, it's hard to tell under all your spackle!" HAHAHAHA omg, we're going to hell.

So anyways, I adore him, but he does this one thing that drives me crazy. Whenever we go to a restaurant, if the waiter/waitress fits a certain type, he always asks if they're actors. ALWAYS. Omg, it's SO MEAN. Because he acts like he's sincerely interested, which of course he's not. And today, it totally happened again. Some blandly good looking 20 something guy was our waiter and so of course, he asked. And asked where he was from (they're almost always from the midwest). And if he's gotten any parts (no, but they've always gotten "really close" to getting a commercial). And if he studied anywhere (of course not, unless you count their high school drama club production of Godspell). Ugh, it's just so SAD. All these people, who were perhaps the best looking member of their ugly ass town in Michigan, who just assume that's good enough to make it in LA. So I have to sit there and listen to this poor guy just babble on about how he had to "follow his dream" and move out here, when all I want to do is shake some goddam sense into him. But the girls are even worse. Because this is a town that's coochie-to-coochie with exceptionally beautiful women, so their above average good looks are really nothing special. They should try their luck in Vancouver. Or London. I've seen BBCAmerica. There's obviously a hot chick shortage in that country.

So... that was my day. A hamburger and manhattans for lunch, and a reminder that I will spend eternity burning.
Day 25 → Your day, in great detail
ha, I don't know about great detail, I don't think you want to know what time I brushed my teeth or what clothes I wore or crap like that. But to be honest, it's been a fairly uneventful day, though still a rather pleasant oneCollapse )

Anyways. That all sounded a bit boring! I've definitely had more eventful days in the past week or so. But also, I guess I've had a bit on my mind. See, I think a friendship I've had for a long time is over. me whining a bitCollapse )

ACK ENOUGH. Sorry if you read all that, I hate sounding so pathetic and wishy-washy! On an up-note, I'm going to see Jon Brion tomorrow! I'm so excited, I haven't seen him since Largo moved from it's old Fairfax location, which, now that I think about it, really was ages ago. Anyways, I think it'll be great, he's such a fantastic entertainer. :)
Day 24 → Whatever tickles your fancy
It always cracks me up when people are shocked by the things I've never seen/heard/been to. Like, when I would say that I've never been to Costco. lol, well, I did go recently, and quite frankly, I don't get the big whoop. There's just no way the average American family of 3-4 people needs to buy so many things in bulk. This is why everyone's house looks like cluttered crap and why no one wants people to open their closets or look in their garages.

Anyways, the Costco thing is just one of many ways in which I seem to be completely out of touch with popular culture. And for my own fancy being tickled, I thought I'd list some of them:

• I have no idea who this Kate woman who was married to some Jon dude is.
• I think Paula Deen is a terrorist working for Al-Qaeda.
• I think this girl in these twilight movies looks like all her sphincters must be made out of lemons.
• I've never seen American Idol. Ever. Therefore I have no idea who most of the people you talk about are.
• I watched Project Runway for the first time. I think it's boring.
• I don't own jeans.
• I would have sworn that JD Salinger was already dead.
• I haven't eaten at a chain restaurant (chili's, cheesecake factory, olive garden, denny's, etc.) in maybe 5 years.
• I find this Amy Adams actress to be annoying as fuck.
• I would rather watch Amy Adams movies for 24 hours straight than watch Kristen Bell for even 5 minutes.
• While I've heard of Lady Gaga, I've never actually heard Lady Gaga.

lol, I could seriously go on and on. I don't know why any of you people are friends with me. Now off to tutor for a bit! :)

Duck Season! Rubik Season!

Day 21 → A recipe
Okay, so this entry was really difficult. lmao omg, I totally just blah blah blahed for FOREVER, I'm ridiculously self absorbed, once I saw all this I was all OMG LJ CUTCollapse ) I'm sure there are fancier and way more authentic recipes out there, but for just a convenient, easy preparation that captures the overall flavors of the dish, I'll stand by this. You don't even need a bunch of special ingredients. Except for the duck itself, it's made from stuff that's probably already in your pantry. But like I said, I don't really measure. I just kind of eyeball and taste as I go. I tried to explain what I do as best I could, but it's a little goofy, so feel free to adapt it for yourself! :)

Duck a l'Orange
Sort of a recipeCollapse )

I just realized that this could have been a LOT easier if I had just said: make the sauce, then make the duck, rather than go through the whole process like I did. lol, lame.

Day 23 → A YouTube video
I've posted this before, and I'm not even a big fan of this song, but for some reason this HYPNOTIZES me. I could watch it over and over.

Hersheys Kiss
So I've gotten back from a nice barbeque. It was lovely weather, and I'm glad winter's over and summer will be here any day. And I suppose I should be enjoying the day more, but I'm sort of exhausted from the long weekend and being up to like 4 or 5 each night (what? I'm old, so sue me), so I'm just going to vegetate for the rest of the day and night.

Oh, but here's something. I came home last night to discover that my bf had sent me some flowers. Unfortunately, no one had been home, so they sat outside in the warm sun for a long while, and look a little worse for wear, but it was such a nice surprise, he hadn't hinted anything at all. lol, but the thing is? It has to be the most ridiculously cliche arrangement I've ever gotten in my life:

hee, omg, pink roses and greenery! And yes, that is grapevine shaped like a heart. With a bow. ohmygosh it gives me the giggles. I really don't think I've ever gotten an arrangement like that before. I'm thinking back to the last bf's I had who used to regularly give me flowers, and they both had such great taste (one was an fine arts guy and the other was an architect, so I guess that makes sense), and the arrangements were always really lovely and artistic, not like those generic ones that look like they came from the supermarket. And they always remembered that bulbs are my favorite, and while I like green flowers, like bells of Ireland or green hydrangeas, I sort of hate green filler. omg, I sound like such a selfish/ungrateful bitch right now, lol. That wasn't my intention, because I really do think it was super sweet of him. lol, he's just so young, that in his mind, he probably thought this is what all women want for Valentine's Day. Bless his 23 year old heart. And yes. That means he's 14 years younger than me. stfu.

And I know I'm supposed to post a favorite recipe for yesterday, but I don't really use recipes (I have exactly two cookbooks in my possession), especially for my favorites, so I'd have to concentrate and write a whole thing out and I don't really have the energy for that right now. I'll do it soon, but for now on to...

Day 22 → A website
This is going to make me sound like a completely out of touch loser, but I really don't spend a lot of time on the web. I mean, aside from livejournal, gmail, and the NY Times site, and I don't think I need to give you those addresses. Oh well. A few people asked me for my twitter account, so I guess I can give that: @sonjabegonja. Though, I should state right off that I don't really follow people. I know most people use it to keep in touch with each other, and to find out when their favorite celebrities are like taking a shit or other such groundbreaking info, but I just use it more... like a log? Like a place to record the things that I think are funny throughout the day. I used to text these truly amazing observations to my friends, but I think I might have been annoying them (NO idea why), so I just post them all there instead.

So... how was your weekend? :)

A bit of a music roundup!

Hersheys Kiss
So, I told asweetdownfall that I'd do this, and I have to admit, it was kind of fun. I looked through my tags, and I hadn't done a post like this in a looooooong time, so maybe this will get me in the mood to do these sorts of things more regularly.

Anyway, I just thought I'd post a track from some of my favorite albums of 2009. I realize that most of these aren't exactly new (most of them were released pretty early in the year), and maybe you already have most of them, and there aren't any big surprises, but it's always kind of fun to see what other people liked, right? Maybe you might want to do a little post of your own? So here we go:

Some of My Favorite Albums of 2009
  • Editors - In This Light And On This Evening (Papillon): Okay, so this album was waaay more synthy than their last ones, but I really like it. I like the whole Joy Division thing going on, it's pretty hot.
  • Neko Case - Middle Cyclone (People Got A Lotta Nerve): Whenever people say that all modern country music sucks? They've obviously never heard Neko Case. Okay, so it's alt country, but it's still country.
  • Band Of Skulls - Baby Darling Doll Face Honey (I Know What I Am): Maybe they are just a White Stripes rip-off band. I don't care. This album is awesome.
  • Doves - Kingdom Of Rust (Kingdom Of Rust): Melancholy and rich and beautiful and no doubt their best album. This is probably my #1 favorite of the year.
  • Elvis Costello - Secret, Profane And Sugarcane (My All Time Doll): In all honesty, the rest of this album is WAY more twangy than this song, so maybe this track isn't the most representative sample, but I kind of wanted you to like this one first to maybe ease you into the rest.
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz! (Heads Will Roll): My god, this album got a lot of hate from YYYs fans, but fuck em I really liked it. And as always, Karen O's voice is so hot it makes me want to straddle the speakers.
  • Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest (Two Weeks): So I know this album is on everyone's favorites list, but why shouldn't I get list it just because everyone else did?
  • Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Lisztomania): In full disclosure, I don't really like listening to this album from start to finish, because every track starts to blend together. But the individual songs are still bitchin, and they make almost every playlist about 32% more fun.
  • Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson - Breakup (Relator): I'm kind of lolling that this is on my list, because when I first heard about it I was all "OHHHH NOOOO PETE WTF ARE YOU THINKING?" just assuming that this actress was going to drag my man down. But it ended up I really loved it, and just sort of forgot who was singing with him. He had a great solo album too, but I picked this one just because it so completely went against my expectations.
  • Florence + The Machine - Lungs (Kiss With A Fist): Of course this is here. Everyone loves this song.

So anyway, you can click each track title (you can play it if you aren't sure if you want it), or you can go here to get to the whole folder (there's a button at the top if you just want to download the whole list in one go).

Hope you liked some of them! Oh, and feel free to share this post if you want -- the more people who take the music, the more worthwhile the upload time was for me! :)
Passing Notes
*public entry because I am so friggin desperate that I'll accept information from any random person who happens to be browsing around lj*

Okay, so I don't know how many of you know this, but I sort of love my apartment. It may not be huge, or in even remotely the best neighborhood, and parking is a constant nightmare, and I get in fights with gang-bangers driving ice cream trucks, but I still love it. It's fairly cheap and I have a fantastic view and it's filled with the original 1920's fixtures and plaster-work. BUT. I HATE MY BATHROOM FAUCETS WITH A FIERY PASSION. It has the two separate taps for hot and cold and washing your face is a pathetic exercise in filling your hands with cold and bringing it under the hot until it's warmed up enough but OH NO if it's TOO HOT then you put your hands back under the cold and I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT.

So, imagine my pure, unadulterated JOY when I beheld this depression-era gem of engineering:



But, after seeing this picture on the internet, and the exhaustive web search that ensued, my poor heart is once again breaking because I CANNOT FIND THIS THING ANYWHERE. To have your hopes brought up to the heavens only to have it smashed into a bajillion little pieces? Oh, Icarus, I now know your pain.

Can anyone help me with this? Have you ever seen this bridge/mixer/adapter thingie before? Oh, and British people, you are world famous for your remarkably backwards bathroom plumbing, CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME OUT?